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Remedial Therapy Clinic

Online Consultations

💜...Empowering and Healing Through Listening to Your Body...💜

A key element of being a Remedial Bodywork Therapist is to share this knowledge and to provide self-help techniques for you the client, to feel empowered and to start the healing process. This is done through listening to your story and to your body.

As part of the online 60 minute consultation, I will form an understanding of what the primary concerns are to enable the healing process.

An intrinsic part of this is the guided meditation, a beautiful process of connecting your mind and body, helping you to listen to your body and for me to understand where the restrictions and issues lay.

Following this consultation you should feel relaxed, more connected and empowered with the tools and self-help techniques to initiate your journey of healing your mind and body.

Please see a video explaining the consultation and meditation in more detail.