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Remedial Therapy Clinic

Connecting One’s Beautiful Mind and Body through the form of Meditation and Visualisation

As a Remedial Bodywork Therapist, who treats clients suffering from various ailments, from pain, stress related issues including anxiety and depression; I see and feel the intrinsic relationship between our emotions and our physical body.

Our bodies are a reflection of our mind and emotions, our mind and body are inseparable and when we experience stress or traumas which we do not release or process, these unresolved emotions eventually become a physical restriction.

When we have a thought and emotion a chemical and hormone process takes place, stimulating our body to react accordingly. However, should we not act upon this emotion or release it, this emotion becomes stored on a cellular level within our tissues of our body, otherwise the brain would be overwhelmed and unable to function correctly.

Overtime these unresolved emotions inhibit the area that they are stored within and restrictions form causing further adhesions within the body affecting the musculo-skeletal and visceral system, hence pain, discomfort, illness and “dis-ease” may occur.

Our beautiful and intelligent bodies are not simply a vehicle that does what our minds want to do, they are n intelligent part of us, they need to be listened to, honoured and loved by us. Sometimes we have to look within ourselves with honesty and vulnerability, maybe there are painful memories or patterns in one’s life that are being held by the body and to be truly free, these emotions need to be acknowledged, accepted and released.

Through meditation we develop a beautiful connection between our mind and body allowing us to recognise and release these unresolved emotions that lay within our bodies on a cellular level, thus freeing ourselves of physical and mental restrictions.

It was an awakening moment whilst treating a client that I realised how powerful correct breathing, visualisation and meditation truly is. The client was young and suffered with pain throughout their body and struggled with anxiety. Through being held and guided with a visualisation to ground and connect with their body with love and kindness, their body surrendered and released, as if the body had taken a huge sigh of relief, leaving the client feeling more peaceful and in considerably less discomfort.

During these challenging unprecedented times, many of us have experienced a roller-coaster of emotions, fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness and the feeling of being out-of control, with the added stress of trying to establish a new “normal” and also hopefully with the balance of gratitude, love and joy.

Meditation has certainly been my solace during these times through cleansing and releasing my  emotions, finding clarity and peace with each challenging situation.



Listen -Observe –Visualise-Empower.

The meditations and visualisations I use in treatments and group meditations follow the ethos of LOVE –

It has come from my own experiences and with clients, suffering from a range of ailments of musculoskeletal to stress related illnesses, that when we unpeel each layer from the physical, there are emotional undertones restricting on a cellular level. 

Through holding pure unconditional love for ourselves, where we are not swayed by criticism nor praise, to know that you are enough, releases the foot off the pedal and the undue stress we place upon ourselves and our bodies in our day to day lives.

To heal through the open and expansive emotion of love and by practicing daily the mantra of LOVE -  Listen and Observe your body, understanding what it is trying to tell you through pain, discomfort and illness, to Visualise space and healing, opening and creating new neural pathways and plasticity through guided meditations, thus to Empower oneself, owning one’s health and well-being mind and body.