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Remedial Therapy Clinic

The Pyjama Revolution Meditation Group

The vision for this group is to be a supportive web & space where people know they can simply be themselves, with no judgement, just love, kindness & joy.

My inspiration to set up this group came to me when I was walking my puppy early one morning whilst in my pyjamas, crocs and socks, not reading overly high of the stylish chic level!

However, it came to me that I did not care how I looked, not because of lack of pride or love for myself; it was in fact the complete opposite.

From holding love in my heart for myself, it freed me from my inner criticisms and fears of the possible critique or judgements from others.

At that very moment of realisation, I felt so much joy, love and gratitude in my heart. I felt liberated baring a huge smile on my face…

My experience through my own journey and through others whom I work with in my remedial clinics, I have witnessed many heal emotionally and physically when love and kindness for ourselves are held within our hearts.
When we connect and hold this light and love in our hearts, we begin to release our inner fears that hold us back in life, the fears of not being good enough, or the fear of being rejected, which under-layers many of us, due to our autonomic survival instinct.

Through what we have experienced in these recent times individually and globally, my belief and vision for us beings is to evolve from opening our hearts, holding love and kindness for ourselves, releasing these fears of vulnerability and then to allow love and acceptance to overflow to others.

Through this love, we hold a space, an invisible web of light that holds and supports us individually and collectively.
A space that can be reached out to whenever it is needed, to know that someone out there cares and that you are never alone.

Come join the Pyjama Revolution by clicking on the link below

🧡Open Our Hearts🧡