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Remedial Therapy Clinic

Water and light

“There is nothing in the world more soft and weak than water and yet for attacking things that are firm and strong, there is nothing that can take precedence of it, for there is nothing so effectual for which it can be changed.”

The Path of Virtue - Lao Tzu

We individually are the rain drops, collectively through the bond of life and love we gather and combine, building a force and strength, a movement of fluidity and change carving a new path through matters that seem too strong to overcome. We collectively become the brooks, the streams, the rivers, the seas, the oceans, the oceans being an expansive energy and strength that surrounds and supports life itself within the infinite cycle of water.

We collectively have the potential to create life and change, to forge new paths upon the evolution and expansion of our hearts and being, supported and held within the infinite power of love.

Within us all is light, to allow oneself to open the dams of our hearts, to tap into this infinite inner power of love, kindness and compassion, liberated and unbounded by fear and judgement.

When water and light combine it creates a beautiful spectrum of light and colour, a rainbow of awe, hope and joy. All colours unique yet even more wonderful displaying their brightest light and colour together. We are all a spectrum, a refraction of the same light, beaming our uniqueness, our wonder and our purpose to share in this world.

Your Presence in this World is a Gift – Be Your Brightest Light – Be Your Brightest Colour Unique to You – Be You – Be Your Beacon of Light and Colour – Be a Beacon of Love, Light and Hope.