Working Days

I'm work in the following locations, please contact me for availability.

Axminster Health and Wellbeing Centre


Sidmouth Chiropractic & Natural Therapy Centre


I also run a two day clinic in Newbury, Berkshire on a four-weekly basis at the Pain Relief Clinic, St Mary’s House, London Road, Newbury, RG14


My role and objective as a Remedial Massage Therapist is to treat my client’s complete wellbeing encompassing their Mind –Body – Core, by addressing the cause(s) not just the symptoms.

For instance, many of my clients that have suffered with chronic pain in their neck, shoulders and back can be greatly down to how they are breathing!

Imagine a young baby breathing on their backs with their little tummy rising up and down. This is how we should breathe, yet due to life's stresses and the will to want a flat stomach, we hold it in and breathe by raising our chest and shoulders using our respiratory accessory muscles.

Overtime, these muscles become tense and shortened pulling our neck forward and down. The body then compensates to ensure our eye level is to the horizon, thus generating more tension at the base of the skull and neck, leading to headaches and migraines and a continuous tension to the shoulders and back.

Therefore, to ensure my clients long term pain relief, my treatment plan will always involve releasing the shortened and tense soft tissue, (in this case, the accessory respiratory muscles, diaphragm), that are placing the opposing muscles/soft tissues in a protective and contracted state, which is where the pain is felt.

In addition to the treatment, aftercare and advice is vital, as this empowers the client to undo “old” habits and empower themselves to be pain free.